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EMIRENE is a health inspired company focused on developing products that aid in conscious living. Our belief and mission is to provide supplements and beauty products that help our customers live their best lives. Inspired in part by the emergence of sea moss as one of nature’s great elixirs as well as its known benefits, we endeavored to “level up” our product by creating a capsule that would provide greater options for travel and longer shelf life. Additionally, we were inspired to take action during the Covid-19 pandemic as more and more customers began to seek natural remedies for immune support.  We then developed complementary product blends that would aid in weight management, digestion and increase energy - other areas where our customers felt the most in need.

 We strive to provide quality supplements and beauty products to fit our customers’ busy lifestyles…whether traveling and on-the-go, busy working long hours, taking care of kids and family while also balancing healthy lifestyle choices.  Our belief is that your health equals your wealth and it all starts on the inside. It’s about being conscious in thought and aware of the fuel that you are putting in your body. Whether your goal is to lose weight, detoxify or help fuel your immune system…everything begins in you!

A Word From Our Founder…

I discovered the power of sea moss at the start of the pandemic.  After taking a few spoonfuls of the gel, I began noticing an increase in energy, the bloating and uncomfortability I felt at nights began to diminish and pretty soon became non-existent and I also noticed an increased sexual appetite.  As a full-time content creator and news correspondent, I oftentimes felt like my work never stopped, so having this increase in energy and vitality provided me a natural boost and I found myself better able to cope with the stressors of the day with the knowledge that this was also providing support for my immune system.  I’d been able to work, travel and move to states, while thankfully remaining Covid-free.  

As a result of the benefits of sea moss, I started recommending the gel to my close friends and families who began seeing similar results, and they, too subsequently began to fall in love with the product.  There were just a few small issues - after ordering from different suppliers I realized I had no way of knowing exactly HOW the gel products were being made, and I wanted to know what I was ingesting and what my parents were ingesting, and how much of it they should be taking.  There was also a matter of taste, consistency and storage. 

  Unfortunately my parents and several friends were not fans of the taste nor the consistency of the product, but they absolutely loved the benefits.  The other issue that I ran across was storage - and for someone who travels frequently I realized that I couldn’t travel with my jar of sea moss gel.  Additionally, my parents had an issue wherein they’d lost power during a winter storm and because of the loss of power to the refrigerator (sea moss gel should be refrigerated), they weren’t quite sure if it was still safe to ingest.   

 So with these limitations in mind I set about brainstorming product ideas that could compliment sea moss gel, or provide a viable alternative for it.  Capsules seemed to be the best alternative for those who have issues with the taste, consistency or storage.  And by no means, do I want to encourage you to discontinue your use of sea moss gel!  Our goal is mainly to provide a complimentary alternative.  And, we did.  

Our signature sea moss blend contains Organic Irish Sea Moss, Bladderwrack, a type of brown sea moss that is also used in weight management, immune and thyroid support, as well as providing relief for digestive disorders, heartburn, and anxiety.  It also contains Burdock, a root which aids digestion and improves gut health.   

In addition to our sea moss, we wanted to offer other products that provide immune support and general wellness and in time, beauty and grooming.  As we’ve stated, at Emirene, we believe that everything begins in you - and that includes great health as well as looking and feeling your best!   

 CEO & Founder, Richie Skye


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